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Reveal Biographies™

You join Face to Face Connections and prepare yourself to be amazed with the difference in results of our service. We develop a biography of you in 4 stages making it easy and enjoyable to get started, as opposed to more than 200 question survey requiring 4 hours at one time. The first stage takes less than an hour.

We partner with you in the process of finding a complimentary connection, but ultimately only you can know who is attractive to you. We do not attempt to predict chemistry, we let the perfection of God's design of our human brains and bodies do that. We simply give you the right opportunities to explore people in relaxed, safe environments with people who share common interests and goals.

We analyze what makes up the foundation of values, behavioral traits, intellect and preferences that can put you in the successful relationship you know you deserve. Over time, you reveal more of yourself, your desires and dreams as you would normally in the course of a relationship. We help you determine if you have made mistakes in past relationships that might inhibit your success in the future, and we help prepare you to be the best person you can be so you feel prepared to attract a partner that will enhance your life, rather than detract from it.

Reveal Biography™ – the four stages of the reveal process

When you begin to get to know someone, getting an entire dossier on them is too much information for them to risk, and for you to try to digest. Our Reveal Biography™ process mimics natural selection. As you gain trust in a person, you want to learn more about them and are willing to reveal more about yourself. We help facilitate this process by keeping it even – you both have the exact same opportunity to learn the same information about each other.

Introductory Stage

Defining the outer person – height, weight, descent, ethnicity, education, geographic boundaries, personal habits like smoking, drinking, exercise, activities, interests, profession, hours, travel, define boundaries, degree of social activity

Exploration Stage

Define foundational elements and the inner person – what are my core values and interests and what do I need in terms of complimentary character traits?

Defining the inner person
The past, the present and the future –

Past relationships - patterns and expectations from family of origin

Present values - level of commitment, goals and interests when in a couple relationship, income range, health issues, family commitments, religious commitment, children, attitudes toward money, handling of responsibilities, physical togetherness, travel, life challenges

Future desires – same questions posed for the future, what if scenarios. How would my future change if I selected the right partner where we were mutually compatible and in a positive successful relationship

Vision for the Future

The vision you have of what would constitute a successful relationship for you and would it culminate in marriage, cohabitation, long term companionship, etc. The power of developing and holding a visual image of success has been proven to work in all kinds of human behavior


Anything that should be disclosed prior to either cohabitation or marriage. Past issues that might arise again, health concerns for the future, family and inheritance issues, attitudes toward prenuptials, real estate, fears or concerns about entering a long term serious relationship and how to mitigate risk. This culminates in a mutual full disclosure that both parties can agree to share mutually.

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