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Coaching & Services

Professional photo session $99 and $199
Photo session with Good Match Photography
Gives you a professional headshot and 3 additional shots to portray you honestly and in your best light.
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Profile development for Gallery Display $75
Our specialty, our goal is to sum up the essence of who you are as a person, build on your strengths and present the real you without sounding cliché or using expressions that may put off interested members. A unique portrait of you is then displayed to your matches in our Gallery.
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Relationship vision statement $75
A key cornerstone of our process, the mind can only achieve what it believes. We want to make sure you are set to attract the best possible person into your life. Creating a vision and blueprint for a successful relationship based on your personal strengths and weaknesses has been proven over time to deliver the best results.
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Dating and Personal coaching

Dating coaching is a two step process

Personal Coaching $150 per session
The first step is a personal coaching session where we explore how to deal with fear of failure, fear of success and what to do with old relationship baggage before it trips you up. We explore your relationship skills and may suggest exercises to improve them.
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Dating Coaching $150 per session
The second step is dating coaching. Simpler than it sounds, dating is an art. We help you know how to handle the first moments of the date, how to put the other person at ease with light conversation and move into topics of interest to both parties, and what to do if a dating disaster looks imminent. We cover dress, body language, preparation for the date, negotiating who pays, and even supply scripts you can use to quell nerves and fill in dead air space. Finally, we make sure if all goes well you know how to line up the next date.
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Dating Concierge $150 per hour
Some of our busy professionals need help simply finding the time to plan, schedule and set up a date. We can create a winning date or social experience for you handling all the details from beginning to end from dinner out to an all day picnic and boat outing, whatever you'd like to do, we can make it happen. The best part is without having to rely on a secretary or administrative assistant, your confidentiality is preserved at the office so you don't get hassled or teased about a new friend. Yes, we can help rescue your social life and give you something pleasant to look forward to for the coming weekend.
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