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A Fresh Approach

The biggest problem with the great majority of online dating methods on the market today is that they start out backwards. They take vast amounts of your time and energy getting to know someone or requiring exhaustive surveys, or searching through hundreds and hundreds of data profiles that reveal only surface facts about the person you seek.

Then, if you decide they pass all these gates and jump through these hoops, you then set out to meet them and 9 times out of 10 are disappointed with any number of physical or psychological attributes. From weight, age, looks, how they carry themselves, conversational style, voice, annoying habits the list is endless! You end up disappointed time and time again.

Get better results - faster

Our method combines both event-based and private one-on-one matchmaking. We provide you with an encouraging environment to meet people in and engage in conversation naturally. We also have interest-based groups. These could be cocktail parties, activities such as boating or sightseeing, enjoying nature or even volunteering.

What you do know, is that all these people are single as you are, and interested in getting to know some select people more in depth. We make this fun by using two proven methods. YOU decide who you find attractive initially. WE also select matches from your first Reveal Biography ™ by combining methods, you get better results, faster.

Open socials

You join us for the event and mingle. Both Members and Special Guests can attend. As a Special Guest, you can mingle and network. If you’d like to use the matchbox, sign up at our entry level Silver membership. When you meet someone interesting or attractive, fill out a matchcard and enter them in the matchbox. Platinum and Private Gallery members also have matching capability. The contact information of your match will be sent to you.

Pre-matched event

As you meet people you attempt to determine if any of them could be your secret matches by asking some key conversation starting questions that all members are versed in. Again, you decide in this case that based on their profile, and now having met them in person in a non-stressful way, that you would be interested in getting to know them better. You advise us to relay this message. The whole process is fun and exciting.

Interest based activities

These are smaller, more intimate groups. Here you will be face to face with people that share common interests. And, you can go to as many activities as you want, with some of the same people and some new people each time, providing a constant flow of new matches so you do not ever have to settle because of a lack of good choices.

You can trust that all Face to Face Charleston members have certified their identity with us. As you report back to Face to Face Matchmakers who you find attractive or interesting, and with their permission, we share their display profile with you. We also advise you on compatible traits.

How Dating Used to Be

Just as when you were younger you might see an attractive man or woman at a dance, and ask one of your friends, “hey, who is that, do you know anything about him or her?”, we serve this "community" function, which again mimics the natural selection process. This avoids the awkwardness of having to figure out who this person really is while both of you are nervous and with no help to do so.

When you were a teen or in college, just beginning your dating years, you most likely had the following advantages. You grew up in a neighborhood or community where a person's reputation was known. People did not move around the country in vast numbers as they do today. You had someone supportive in your family, extended family or friends that could give you honest opinions on whether the person you were interested in was a good match for you or not. It was easy for you to uncover history about your prospective loves past personal relationships and family history.

The Smart Way to Date in 2010

We serve intelligent and successful clients seeking long term commited relationships. We take a common sense and fun approach to dating that will allow you to enjoy the process, end up with friends, reveal yourself a little at a time, and ultimately find the best possible match for you within 6 months to a year or so - every personal timetable is different. If you have fallen short in your search for a life partner, isn't it time you tried a new approach?

Better Quality Service for You

The Face to Face Matchmaking advantage is that exploring your options will be fun and comfortable again. No nervous first meetings, no wondering what lies hidden behind an online facade. We don't want you to settle, we believe there is a right match for every person, and you do not have to date someone 1,000 miles away to find it.

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