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How to be selected as a member

11 steps to success

  1. Go to Get Started, and select your preferred level of membership
  2. Fill out the short online questionnaire
  3. Send us your starter photo and fill in your Reveal Biography TM questionnaire
  4. We will upload your photo to be placed in our member only Gallery and develop a display profile for the Gallery from the Reveal Biography™
  5. We schedule your professional photo shoot with a Good Match Photographer to get the best possible profile photo (see Coaching and Services tab)
  6. We analyze your profile and develop matches for you
  7. Private Gallery and Platinum members will be matched privately by our matchmakers and should also sign up for events.
  8. We suggest people we think you should meet based on values, interests and our special selection process. You can secretly look for them at events and they can secretly look for you! You can mingle with them over several events before even letting them know you are interested in going on a private date
  9. At an event, you also select people you think are attractive and you'd like to know more about. Enter them in the Matchbox. We obtain their permission, and help you connect with them
  10. When members mutually agree, their display profile is released
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