• What is a matchmaker?
  1. What is the difference between a matchmaker and a dating service?
  2. Why do I need Face to Face Charleston?
  3. How much does the service cost?
  4. How do we determine if I am right for Face to Face Charleston?
  5. How do I sign up?
  6. How is the service carried out?

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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

1. What is a Matchmaker? 

Matchmakers have been around for centuries. Over the years the idea of what services a matchmaker provides have expanded and evolved with our culture. Today a matchmaker is someone who brings people together to meet common goals. There is both personal and business matchmaking. 

Matchmaking is about getting offline and making face to face human connections. We do the work while you enjoy the benefits. Don’t waste hours scouring the internet only to find lies and scams. Let us re-introduce you to the human network and expand your social circle. 

Today’s matchmakers are also teachers. Throughout your journey with Face to Face Charleston we will also teach you how to do this for yourself. We provide coaching, tips and tricks to flirting, dating and choosing the one. We also offer image consultation, life coaching and social media optimization to make the real life you and the online you the best, most confident you anyone can imagine. Because there is something to be said for the online social network – it’s just a matter of taking that network offline and connecting face to face.

Learn more about our packages here or start dating today.

2. What is the difference between a matchmaker and a dating service?

The main difference between a matchmaking service and an online dating service is the relationship between the client and the matchmaker. Online matchmaking services see you as a number attached to a profile. At Face to Face Charleston we carefully qualify every client and match in order to provide you with quality, trustworthy matches. 

We do not accept everyone who contacts us, unlike other matchmaking services and online dating sites that sign up as many people as possible and leave it almost impossible for their client to determine who the true, quality people are.

With one on one coaching services, pre screened matches and dating feedback, we make sure our clients are not only provided with matches that fit their criteria but are on the most direct and accurate path to finding what they are looking for.

Matchmaking is not a new concept but an efficient and effective solution to finding your perfect partner. Face to Face Charleston is dedicated to helping you succeed in your personal relationships.

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3. Why do I need Face to Face Charleston?

What have you done for you lately?

Too often it is our personal relationships that get put on hold while other matters in our busy lives demand our attention. But at some point you have to make the decision that if you want to truly be happy and healthy you need fulfilling and committed relationships. It is very difficult to find those fulfilling relationships through online dating sites due to the frustration of long hours searching and fake, inaccurate or inactive profiles.

The client’s we typically represent do not have time to waste on dead ends and high risk relationships. With Face to Face Charleston, you can be assured that you are meeting quality professionals who share your goals of developing happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships.

To learn more about Face to Face Charleston and our services click here

4. How much do our services cost?

Face to Face Charleston offers different packages to suit the needs of our individual clients. We have two main packages, Platinum Key and Private Gallery as well as other services that can be added to your package depending on your personal dating needs. 
If you are interested in finding out more about pricing, please fill out a profile here to get your free dating consultation. During your consultation you will discuss your dating needs with a professional matchmaker as well as design a package that is best for you.

For more information visit our package descriptions or fill out a profile now.

5. How do we determine if I am right for Face to Face Charleston?

You will know Face to Face Charleston is right for you if….

You are a professionally successful person, who wants to meet people who are your equal

You are burned out from trying multiple online dating services that waste your valuable time

You don't trust that an independent internet dating site is a safe or selective place to date

You really don't want to be online searching all the time after a long professional day using the computer

You've met lots of people online, only to be disappointed when you meet them in person for any number of reasons

If you are ready to change your life and increase your expectations

If your relationships haven't lasted or haven't been satisfactory

You are busy and you don't have time to go on date after date, frustrated and believing you'll never find anyone right for you. 

  • It's time to change your experience, get started today - you will be amazed with the results.

6. How do I sign up?

In order to start dating, fill out our profile application now

Once you have submitted your profile you will be contacted shortly to set up a brief phone consultation. Here you will have the opportunity to ask any questions as well as be qualified for Face to Face Charleston. If we feel your expectations and outlook are reasonable we would gladly extend you our service.

This is completed once you come in for an in- person consultation so we can get to know you better as well as discuss different dating packages tailored to your needs.

7. How is the service carried out?

Step one 

Fill out our quick and easy confidential profile -We want to get to know you! By filling out our confidential profile we can tell you about the services that are right for you 

Step Two 

Book your complimentary consultation -Here is your chance to meet with our matchmaker and ask questions. During this meeting we are also getting to know you better so we can create an online presence that is truly you at your best. 

Step Three 

Choose which program is right for you -We offer a variety of packages that can include: matchmaking, coaching, online profile management, social media optimization, and more. 

Step Four 

Go on great dates - Date quality single professionals in the Charleston area and have fun! After each date you give us your feedback so we can pinpoint the qualities necessary for your best match.



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