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The Face to Face Charleston advantage is that exploring your options will be fun and comfortable again. No nervous first meetings, no wondering what lies hidden behind an online facade. We don't want you to settle, we believe there is a right match for every person, and you do not have to date someone 1,000 miles away to find it. We are a locally owned and operated service for successful singles residing in Charleston, SC.

Online dating is backwards. That's why it doesn't really work. There are certain things you can buy online - and some things you can't. People aren't commodities, and the only way any human being ever truly knows whether the attraction is real is to meet people Face to Face.

The Face to Face Charleston event program allows you to view potential matches, gives you an opportunity to talk to them and mingle with them in a non-threatening and natural group setting before they even know if you are interested in them. You can interact with them multiple times before you decide to actually go on a private date if you prefer. And, you will also be meeting potential friends, business colleagues or sporting partners along the way. Combined with private matchmaking you will get the best matches.

Making you Comfortable Again

Local successful singles residing in Charleston just like you
Pre-screened, Intelligent, well-groomed people serious about finding a stable relationship
A community of supportive professionals to help you through the stages of dating
The chemistry part we leave up to natural selection
Preserving the romance and the mystery of meeting someone special, while providing information on values and goals

You'll know Face to Face Charleston is for you if:

  • You are a professionally successful person, who wants to meet people who are your equal
  • You have been burned out from trying multiple online services that waste your valuable time
  • You don't trust that an independent internet dating site is a safe or selective place to date
  • You really don't want to be online searching all the time after a long professional day using the computer
  • You've met lots of people online, only to be disappointed when you meet them in person for any number of reasons
  • If you are ready to change your life and increase your expectations
  • If your relationships haven't lasted or haven't been satisfactory
  • You are busy and you don't have time to go on date after date, frustrated and believing you'll never find anyone right for you. It's time to change your experience, get started today - you will be amazed with the results
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