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analysis-paralysisGreat blog from Evan Marc Katz a few days ago regarding what most people know as “analysis paralysis”, in which we make our lives worse waiting to find the best possible outcome for our situation.  The same holds true for love.  In Katz’s post, Are You Content With Good Enough Or Are You Holding Out For The Best? , we agree with his belief that “you can have high standards and still find happiness.”

Within the post is featured a video interview with Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice.   According to Schwartz, those who insist they will not settle with regard to their choice of a mate, no matter what, oftentimes find themselves never satisfied with any choice they ultimately make.

Holding out for “the best” or bust, often leaves you paralyzed and unhappy. Or perpetually single, as it might be.

We agree with both Schwartz and Katz; it’s certainly OK to be selective and we strongly suggest being so.  Perfection is very rare to come by.  Your imagination can always conjure up someone better.

Remember, life is not always black or white…but shades of grey.


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