Half a Million People…You’re in Good Company!

We’ve all been through it before…that time when your significant other drops you from untitledtheir life.  It’s obvious to everyone else that you simply need to “get over it” and “move on”.  But, to you, it’s not that easy because you two had “something special”.

With over half-a-million people ditched in the USA EACH DAY - according to research from a recent Glamour Magazine article - this data should soften the blow of any romantic breakup you may incur.  If not, you may want to follow the 10 tips within this Glamour article…

10 Breakup Tips From the Wise Friend You Always Listen To

We especially like #9 “Go do stuff”, as it does not mean listening to sad songs or eating your favorite ice cream.  But, it does encourage you to not be afraid to do things like see a movie (a funny one), or go to a great restaurant by yourself – it can be very liberating!

As Glamour Mag states: “Whatever you do, do NOT simply “accept that you have emotions and then fall into them.” That’s terrible advice.”

We agree!!!


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