He’s Got a Great Sense of Humor…Not!

Why is This Man Laughing?

Why is This Man Laughing?

Interesting piece from Dating Guru, Evan Marc Katz, last month regarding the ability to be happy with a mate who is not funny?   As Evan mentioned,  “if you make it a deal breaker, it’s a deal breaker. If you don’t, it’s not.” In addition, he mentioned that this question could be replaced with any “affliction”, such as your partner not making enough money, religious views, sex drive, etc…  No matter what, they do bring something to the table with regard to the relationship.  You simply have to see it as more than just a simple “black or white” issue.

But, when it comes to humor, Katz provides a list to follow if this becomes an issue in your relationship…

1. You want a partner who gets the joke. This is a non-negotiable. If you think you’re funny, you’d better be with someone who actually agrees with you. My former writing partner had a girlfriend who thought he was cute and smart, but didn’t find him funny at all. This drove him crazy, since he thought being funny was one of his most valued traits.

 Read the rest of Mark’s list here: http://www.evanmarckatz.com/blog/can-i-be-happy-with-a-man-who-isnt-funny/

In reality, you can always get your humor quotient filled by family members or other friends.   Ultimately, you need to look at the partnership as a whole…if it’s positive and your mate makes you feel good overall and can appreciate you and support you – that is the key to a successful relationship.

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