Ready For Love…Is It Ready For Television?

2013_0222_NBCU_ReadyForLove_Hero_970x400_CAThe very first episode of ready for love aired last night after the Voice, which I am a huge fan of.  I was surprised that I liked RFL a lot better than the previous versions of matchmaking shows that have been out.

The show is basically the format of American Idol in that you’ve got multiple people competing for one slot — the slot of course is marrying, in this case a bachelor, who is Tim Lopez; a real life rock star and lead singer of the Palin White T’s.

In the show, they do a lot in threes — there are three matchmakers. Each Matchmaker has a number of people on their team and they eliminate them one-by-one to get it down to three contestants from each matchmaker for a total of nine candidates for Tim.  Tim then meets all the girls — they pack a lot in on this show.

MatchmakerThe three matchmakers are:  Amber Kelleher-Andrews, an internationally renowned relationship expert and matchmaker.  The second matchmaker is Matt Hussey, a motivational speaker who is out of London.  The third matchmaker, Tracy McMillan, is actually a relationship author, which gives things slightly different spin as she serves as a coach.

After the dates, the matchmakers critique all their team members, and select one to go home.

One of  big tips to take away from last night - the first date should be like a playdate, light and fun.

Matt Hussey talked about emotion versus logic on the date which I thought was good advice.  There was also a girl with this very long list that she trotted out and  told Tim he met like 25 things on this list, and of course Matt is left thinking, wow I only meet half her requirements!

I think right now the show is fairly believable because the first guy they have up is already Ready for Love - Season 1a successful entertainer who is probably used to living in front of the camera to some degree.  So it sort of feels normal for them to be in his world and on TV and he is used to living in the fishbowl and just let your whole life hang out there.

But yes, I feel like it’s real enough that this particular guy should be able to find a woman that he could definitely spend the rest of his life with out of these nine womenl.  I thought that the matchmakers did a really good job of finding compatible people, people that could be Tim’s soulmate – people with the right passions for music.  It’s a very diverse lineup and I just I like the way they put the show together.

They also have this thing with this girl Leah, somebody who applied because she knew Tim from before and had a secret crush on him.  Well, she got sent home — he didn’t feel it for her before and last night, nothing changed.

The one major premise I wonder about is this.  I would put Tim with someone who wanted to tour with him.  A couple of them mentioned trying to find independent people who will stay faithful while he’s gone 330 days a year. That is bound to fail in my opinion.  I mean Steven Tyler ended up with his accountant – and she is on the road with him :)




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