Face to Face with Charleston’s Dating Scene!

We loved having Face to Face founder, Martine Friedman-O’Keefe, provide her expert consult with regard to Charleston Magazine’s spread on Valentine’s Day and the Charleston dating scene.  In fact, the magazine even used some heart mouse trapgreat facts and figures, mentioning an analysis which Martine had provided them from the 2011 Census.  The findings were to be attributed to her in the “Matchmaker Matchmaker” feature, and did appear in the Editor’s Note – Love By the Numbers.

 “It has long been said that the Holy City heavily favors men with its surplus of women. But that rumor can be officially put to rest. According to a 2011 U.S. Census survey, when it comes to single males and females ages 20-plus here, the ratio is 1.2 to 1—hardly the significant advantage guys have bragged about for years.”

Martine Friedman O’Keefe said –”It’s so gratifying to see Darcy Shankland publish the analysis I did, and jump on board with me to dispel that rumor.  It was important to me do this kind of research when I opened the company so I wasn’t operating on myths and hearsay.”  Having an MBA in Marketing Management, it occurred to me to just pull the data and see !

When it comes to successful matchmaking in Charleston, there’s no denying that Martine knows her stuff - just ask Charleston Magazine!

Thanks to Jennifer Dienst and Darcy Shankland for helping Charlestonians find love again!


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